What nap time

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Baby Ashtyn Day by Day

Epiderales Are great. So far everything is going good. Once we feel pressure we’ll get checked again. Wait, Tanya will. At this point I think it’s ok to say we. If not just insert tanya’s name. Our nap was more like 20 minutes in 16 hours. I’m not sure if women are tougher in every aspect than men but they sure have a higher pain tolerance. We are still waiting on the green light.

Nap time

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Baby Ashtyn Day by Day

Contractions were getting stronger and Tanya finally asked for some pain meds. Pain in this case is a good thing cause it means were working to some progress. We still do not know how many centimeters yet but I think we have some time before she gets checked again.
Before the pain meds wear off, were going to try get some shut eye.


Posted: November 6, 2011 in Baby Ashtyn Day by Day

Medicine was given to induce labor, and I can only tell by the numbers on the monitor that the contractions are getting more painful. The midwife stopped in earlier to do a ultrasound to see where the head is. Everything looked great! Now were just hurrying up to wait.
It’s hard to believe it’s happening. As a programmer, every program I create starts as a line saying hello world. It’s hard to believe in this case it’s not a program, it’s a life. The feeling is simply amazing.

We made it to the hospital at a blazing speed of 45 mph which wasn’t a mph over the speed limit. Not exactly as I had imagined it. We were checked in, in a room, labs were drawn and medicines up within 30 minutes. All the staff have been amazing so far. If we had a birth plan I would want the staff we have now. Everyones bedside manners have been more than personable, and we both feel more than comfortable with everyone involved so far.

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Baby Ashtyn Day by Day

Call a plumber

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Baby Ashtyn Day by Day

Well I’m not going to give much thought to the upcoming blogs. I’m calling the upcoming post updates. Tanya’s water broke and were at the hospital. All this happened around 8:30am. We thought it was a false alarm so we called the midwives and they were nice enough to meet us at the office to test the fluid. They confirmed Tanya wasn’t piss’in herself so the midwife called and got us a room. The only medical issues we have had so far is the cervix is completely closed and no contractions or any sign of being uncomfortable. Basically nothing is happening as of yet.

At our Lamaze class we were told to toss all birth plans out the window, which we have known for a while now. The only exception we have is, ‘give us the epidural’. We understand depending on the given situation, the doctor will make our birth plan. But we also know we don’t want to embrace the old football slogan, “No pain, No gain”. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. It’s more like “No Pain, Or it’s not happening”. Well not really, but we do want our name on the list for an epidural right under the paper that checks us in. Fingers-crossed that our close friend Julie will be working in L&D that night, to keep an extra eye on us. Fingers-crossed our amazing photographer/close friend will be able to be there, to capture all the amazing and emotional moments. Fingers-crossed we get that midwife that we absolutely want to be there to catch the baby. Fingers-crossed a lot of things, but we know the game plan is an audible play and our birth plans may be tossed to the side or out all together.

Well when I mean we, I mean that’s what Tanya wants. I will mostly be there to replace the perfectly fine hand railing on the side of the bed, to share some of the pain by a pregnant wife squeezing my forearms to a point blood will not circulate anymore. Now that I say that, I realized that the Lamaze instructor wasn’t telling us men to wear a jacket in the delivery room because its cold. She was trying to tell us, wear extra padding on the extremities to protect us from bruises, and at extremes decapitation.

In all seriousness, I’m counting on the hospital staff to not only deliver our baby and keep everyone safe, but to tell me my role in Tanya and Ashtyn’s care. I don’t plan to be the idiot that acts like he knows everything just because he watched every YouTube tutorial on delivering babies. In fact I will go as far as saying I’m open to hearing/doing just about anything the doctor has to offer for a successful delivery. Just for the simple fact that he has delivered thousands of babies by using his education from a university and practice. Whereas I’m positive I would not be near as successful with online tutorials and no training. While working at the hospital, I was taught the best thing to do if a woman goes into labor, is RUN her to the L&D doctors. Not the Emergency Room, but L&D. That should speak for itself.

As of now, the only 4 things on the birth plan I know I’m responsible for, which are already etched in stone are:

  • get us there safe
  • Gopher for food
  • Participate in the funny sounding breathing to help manage pain by counting to 10
  • put on my horse visors to shield my eyes from looking down
  • Most importantly, try not to pass out.

Extra content I had to write about, but it didn’t really fit into our baby story:

I was amazed at our Lamaze class’s granola children that were so ignorant that they paid for the class, but have no intention to use modern medicine at all. I mean if you’re just there for the breathing exercises, save your money and watch a few online tutorials. In fact watch the video on water birth at your home, because you’re not going to get to the hospital in time on your tandem bicycle, YOUR ONLY WAY OF TRANSPORTATION TO THE HOSPITAL. If you want to go the route of natural child-birth, I have no problem with that. That’s awesome you can endure that, and not introduce drugs into the babies already fighting for life body. The fact was that these people didn’t care about the monitors, the medicines (even the ones needed for complications), nor any alternative methods to delivery. Sorry, this may come off as completely crude and discourteous but I’m going to say it anyways. Choosing not to take advantage of modern medicine when its available, is natural selection at its finest.

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The name Ashtyn took some time come up with, beating out a total of maybe 3 names. Girl names are tough to come up with! The middle name was a mishmash of names thrown into a hat, the rest was fate. I really have to thank my little sis-in-law for drawing out the middle name we really wanted to start with and helping us get off the fence and sticking with the first name Ashtyn. Ashtyn Olivia… I hope she likes it.
Now the funny part is do we hyphen the last name. We were sitting on the coach the other night and Tanya looks at me with much concern. She said,

Before we got married, we have been working on my US Citizenship. I don’t want to pay all this money to just get my last name changed, not to mention screwing up something and having to start the paper work over… When the baby’s birth certificate is filled out, the mother and father’s last name will be different. The nurses are going to think I’m a Tramp *cleaner word than what was used

My reply back was, “You are a awesome, amazing, and lovely wife tramp… Case Closed(Insert hysterical laughter). Honestly though, who cares? Our last names are only different right now. If we don’t like it throw a hyphen in there. Luckily we both realized how ignorant the concern was, and we decided not to use a hyphen and just stick with Nichols. And that is how we came up with, Ashtyn Olivia Nichols.

**Thank you honey for letting me tell that priceless and overly comical story, and being able to laugh at yourself when something is funny. We all know you have laughing at me down to perfection. ><